Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whidbey Island two week trip Part 1

I guess I better get started on this post since we have been home for a couple of weeks now.   And this will be a few different posts because of the length of the outing.  
We started at the Puyallup WA elks.  It's a nice one day drive and then moved the next day to Poulsbo RV in Kent WA for Friday through Sunday.   The dealership is managed by Scott.  He took us out for dinner Friday night and provided b'fast lunch and supper Saturday.  Sunday morning was coffee and muffins before we left.  You can see Smokey the second from the right.  Jeff and John are on the left side. 
There were games to play after closing in the showroom.   Sophie one a gift card to  Red Robin in a hot bingo game.  

On Sunday we headed to Whidbey Island where we parked at the Elks lodge.  
We have been to this Island before but never stayed.   Wilbur's main gas tank came from here many years ago and we did stop by the mans house to thank him again for the tank. 
Our favorite beach was close by. 

And in the deception pass area we enjoyed some hikes. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ABBA and the coast.

We enjoyed ABBA music years ago so we relived the " good old days " with a concert at the casino in Lincoln city oregon. And after dry camping for three days seeing the town we headed north a few miles to one if our favorite places camp WI NE MA.  A couple of days here always seems perfect. 
When we came home I did some Subaru repair.   New valve cover gaskets. Venice and easy.  
They cleaned up good and hopefully I won't be marking my parking spots anymore.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

North to Seattle.

We packed up and headed north. First stop was Shelton WA.  The Elks have a nice campground behind their lodge.  We also enjoy the casino that is close by.  They have senior days Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.   So they give you a. $5.00 bill and a food coupon for  $3.00 off.   We ate in both the cafe and the buffet.  Both were great.  
Then we drove on to Bremerton WA.   The Elks have a large lodge with lots going on except for the first week of July. That is fix up week.   
And Sophie enjoyed Port Orchard (Cedar Cove) in her favorite authors books.  
Here Sophie is in the GWB store buying books.  
And here is the WW place. 
Macys in Seattle too. 
It's just a ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saint Helens outing

A quiet place to spend some time is in St. Helens Oregon.  The Elks have a nice lodge in a residential part of town.  And during the Summer on Thursday the town has concerts on the river.   Known as 13 nights on the river.  Take a look at the stage.  
Can you see the large cargo ship going down the river.  
And we did find a nice 9 hole disk golf course at a church.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Prineville and points East

Prineville was the start of this week in central oregon.  A car show was going on at the fairgrounds and a couple of friends had trucks in the show. I enjoyed the tractor and old stationary engine display. 
We drove around the town and countryside seeing a couple of reservoirs and great rock formations. 
The fairgrounds has an RV park we spent 3 nights at.  
A night at the madras elks with friends. 
Then Sophie and I went to Bend for the rest of the week.  
It was our 38th wedding anniversary on the 12th of June.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Oregon coast (camp WI NE MA)

When the sun is shining on the ocean there is nothing nicer.  So when we get a chance to enjoy sun and ocean together our favorite place is a church camp right on the beach. 
And you can see the crowd. 
This is our view through the windshield. 
Then there was the bald eagle. 
Watching over the ocean was this guy pearched hi on a tree. 
We spent a couple of nights here and then the weather turned and we headed home.  Another great trip to the coast. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We headed East again.

This last outing started with a belt on the engine squealing as we were on I-205.   But before we pulled off to the side the noise stopped.   The gauges looked like everything was good so we took off again.  There was something hitting the cooling fan but it stopped at 55 so we drove on to my good friend Terry's house.   Once we looked things over it seems like the two A. I. R. pumps are not really needed so the belt is off and one pump is locked up and it will probably stay that way for awhile. 
Then we spent the night at the Unger RV park.  The next day we drove on to The Dalles Eagles.  Yes we have been there 3 times this year but we enjoy it.   The weather was drier and warmer than most places. 
Then there was a screw in a tire on the wagon.  A trip to the tire factory took care of that.  
And we met some new friends who are the band that played at the Eagles club Saturday night.  Lots of country for The Dalles crowd but they also play classic rock.  Kent and shirey.  sunshine express.